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Uneven Lives

by Missing Takes

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released July 23, 2018


all rights reserved



Missing Takes Porto Alegre, Brazil

Check our new EP "We Don't Have It". Indie-rock-pop band from Porto Alegre, Brazil. 4 EP's released: Superfriend Going Down (2016), Uneven Tides (2017), Uneven Lives (2018) and We Don't Have It (2019). We toured in California on April/May 2017 and played Toronto's Indie Week in the same year. ... more

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Track Name: White Lies
All the lies they say
Trying to keep you safe
Doing wrong for your own good
Never good enough for you

White lies they tell
Are the lines we all know well
“You gotta follow your heart”
“Always shoot for the stars”
“Hurts me more than it hurts you”
“Someday you’ll understand”
Words serve to keep
You under unknown discipline
Is that good for me?
I’m willing to believe

There’s a different way to go
A direction no one knows
Running with my eyes closed

‘Cause I like the feeling
Crashing without seeing
Overconfidence that’s been declared
Hides someone unprepared

White lies we tell
Do we understand them well?
Like the words of a song
Re assured they will flow
From your tongue,
Think you’re too smart to ever submit
Just think again
You have bought into all of it
You’ve been made to believe and to preach on command

What’s the reason in the end?
Ask the over confidents
Sing me a song that can lead
Me astray, can lead me astray
Forget my problems, and drink them all away
Drink them all away
Paint me a picture
I need it today
Track Name: Emotional Inception
Wounds that never seem to heal
Scars that I can’t conceal
In a place where reasons and feelings go to meet

An empty cell that is your mind
An empty place with nothing but jealousy
Is it far away?
Or should we only look inside

Pictures have turned into obsession
Connecting tales that should’ve been left behind
Friendships, still haunting me these days
Just good friends, a list that never seems to end

I wish I could just rest my peace
Deal with anything without even a word
It’d be easier then, I wouldn’t have a whole world to confront

So small, my world’s become so small
I’m stuck in, not strong enough to break the walls
Stories, still haunting me these days
And I can’t help my simple mind

Petty details that I amplify
But still I try
Is it my fault, my fault?
Never enough
Will you ever be enough?
Track Name: Tone It Down
No need to rub it in
‘Cause now I understand
Though all the good you do
It’s getting out of hand

Don’t overrate your deeds
Shove ’em down my throat
This pride is fucking it up
So recognize that

I can’t fix this
It’s your own mess
Clean it up or I’m gone

You raise your voice to win
Another argument
But yelling makes no sense
Won’t prove anything

Find the middle ground
You’ve made yourself quite clear
So open up your ears
And tone your voice down

I can’t fix this
It’s your own mess
Clean it up or I’m gone

I’ll turn my back on you
I’m giving up
Stick with your own convictions
Let’s just talk, try not to fight
I don’t wanna hear that you’re right
This is not a war, and you’re not in charge
Don’t push me around
Fighting the world is a battle you can never win

Push everyone away
So arrogant and proud
It’s just the way you are
A needy in denial
Track Name: Photofinish
I will never be first in anything for you
But I like when you fool me
And I know, you’ll replace me, there’s an opening
Resentful and insecure?
I think it’s just reality

Running out of control
So tired, my conscience is full
I’m overwhelmed, a future I can’t behold
And even though I tried
You know I can’t deny
I just can’t stop looking up who you are

I buy in, against my better judgement
Against my better judgement

Falling behind in a race within my mind
Tripping over hurdles that I put up and that’s why
I placed in second in your life

These online memories, photos at the beach, and all the stories I was told by you
Not easy to forget, I’m right when I suspect
They weren’t simple things that you’ve been through

I buy in, against my better judgement
Against my better judgement

Falling behind
Falling behind
Track Name: Pulling Back
You should sense
The bitter part of my resentment
On the fence
You never really play it out

So pretend
You wanna do it ‘cause we’re special
Broken words
You know you wanna let it ride

Did you notice my last statement?
You’re pulling back
So have you found
Another friend to fill your needs and play around?

Behind your eyes
There lies a feeling you restrain
But in a while
I know you’re changing back again

I won’t pretend
You never made a bit of sense
But in my head
I see your face just now and then

“Our feelings are different.
It’s not your fault,
But I’ve got you on my hook”
Track Name: Never-ending Circle
Water under the bridge
Has gone away, hasn’t it?
I thought that we were done with this
But it circles round again

Where did I go wrong?
Is it only bad that I’ve done?
Defensive wall’s been overrun

Take a different step
It’s hard to let each other go
So both of us have been overcome

Walk away… Walk away from here
I think it’s time for you to live again
I’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I deal with this
Let the tide take it away

Relive it, over again
Relive the fight, nobody can win
Insanity, defines our redundancy
Can we change the record please

The standard has been set
Behaviors I’ve learned to regret
We’ve often gone to hell and back

Take a different step
It’s hard to let each other go
So both of us have been overcome

Things I lost, some I’ve gotten back
And some I’ve thrown away myself
There would be better times, they said
But has this phase come to an end? Hasn’t it?
Track Name: Unicorn
I remember the first time i saw you, with your friends
Black hair and big eyes
You tried to make fun repeating my name

I remember I almost didn’t go there that night
That was a close one
We wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be here

In love with my couch
In love with my couch

As the time goes by and you don’t wanna move forward
You make me anxious
With things that you say, things that you say

When you tell me stories I don’t wanna know
I get disappointed
It’s too much for me, too much for me

You’ve been always with someone
Always with someone

From love to love
You’ve played a lot
There’s nothing special
About us now
So what’s the point of you and me?
Maybe we should just stop right here
Please close the door
When you leave

You keep me in a box, but display so proudly,
Your online connections,
Lovers you’ve got, lovers you’ve got

You’ve been always with someone
But you can’t be with me

Another night
That I won’t sleep
I’m lying beside you
I feel left out
So what’s the point of you and me?
Maybe we should just stop right here
Please close the door
When you leave

This is something I can’t control
Why can’t you see?
(I’m right beside you)
Why can’t you see?
(I’m right beside you)
I’m right beside you
(I feel left out)
I’m right beside you
(I feel left out)

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